Photo of the artist Herndon Ty

Just Enough To Get To Memphis

Herndon Ty

I met a man with tattoos on his hands
He said "mate can you spare 20 dollars"
I said "what you gonna do with that?
Buy you a bottle of rotten good wine
wake up in some door way, out of your mind"
He said "I dont blame you what you're thinking
but a man's gotta draw the line"

Just give me enough to get to Memphis
I swear Ill be alright
I've had some bad
and I've has some good
But I'm clean out of love tonight
When I cross that old mississippi
coz heavens waitin on the other side
If I can get enough to get to Memphis
Ill be home by the morning light

I'm a fool I'm told, but he touched my soul
with his worn out shoes and _____
that 20 dollars was just pocked change to me
but it could change his world so fast
he mumbled something about Vietnam
sucked in his pride and stuck out his hand
i wanted so much to believe him
Lord I gave him every cent I had


I got to thinking as he walked away
that i was just another fool
must have been at least 100 dollars
I gave him for his phoney thoughts
when suddenly he turned around in his tracks
counted the __ from an old paper sack
he probably said "thank you son, this is all I need"
as he handed me all but the 20 back


If I can get enough to get to memphis, it'll be a one way ride

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