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Stay The Night


Ooh ooh baby
Immature`s back, back, back
Ooh ooh baby baby, ooh ooh baby
Romeo, L.D.B., and Bat (Bat, Bat)
You wanna get with me tonight

Baby, trust me, give me... all your love
I will never do you wrong
Baby, won`t you let down your guard
Then maybe, we can go real far

Ooh ooh Baby
Say you wanna stay the night
You know you gotta brother high
I`ll come and pick you up in my ride
Ooh ooh baby baby

Baby, I`ll be there to get you, around one
So we can go chill and have some fun
Baby, let`s cuddle, `til the sun comes up
And Baby, you know that I love you so much


(Rap by Romeo)
watch my niggas, get down like that
You didn`t know? Well understand
We can move from the front to the back
Watch me make you feel like that?
Make the move`s, you don`t like the rules
Take no fools, if that`s cool
Romeo I never lose
With tha girls I choose

Immature`s back
Throw your hands in the sky
Hey Ladies (Yeah)
Do you think we`re tight? (Yeah)

Immature`s back
Immature`s back
Immature`s back

(Ooh ooh baby9
Back, back, back
Immature`s back
Imature, Immature`s back
Hey Ladies (Yeah)
Do you think we`re...(Yeah)
Immature`s back, back
(Ohh yeah) Throw your hands in the sky
(Whoa yeah) Hey girls
Do you think we`re fly? (Yeah)
Oh Baby

(chorus repeats)

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