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Race Against Time

Ja Rule

In my race against time (i can't stop)
Runnin' through the red light
Livin' my life
Even if I'm gettin too hot
I'ma keep runnin' through the red light
Livin' my life (2 times)

God, why the hell am I here?
Is it a blessin', or a painful lesson
Of life and its directions?
Date of conception two twenty nine
I was birthed and won't be denied
Lookin into these eyes
And witness lives' tragedies
The boy who made slaves out of men, that's me
For every lock there's a key
The only thing that ever made me clique was "Cash Money"
So that I lust for
Be it one of my deadly sins
You know the seven
I got all of them deep within
Sometimes I slip, but you be there
Pick me up, now I'm on my knees like what's up
'Cause only in a world that's corruptin' the sick
Guide me to a better sense
Cause whats yours is mine
Hear me lord, I'm runnin' out of time

[Chorus x2]

Nobody cry for me
Cause I, wanna see you smile for me
When I die look through my windows, to the soul
Tell me if you see Ja livin' to grow old
Cause too many niggas done died for what I hold
The talented warmer world
Which is so cold
Take me
Save me
Before I'm crazy
The only reason I live
Is for my baby
Never did you tell me that
Life ain't a game
Maybe if you told me this
Shit might be changed
But now I'm just racin' against time
Tryin' to survive
And see why
Ya niggas drive over 155
If you gonna live
Know you gonna die
If you gonna steal
Know you gotta lot
Get drunk and stay high
Don't de-nigga-ny
Cause they'll never take me alive
Feel me lord
I'm runnin' out of time

[Chorus x2]

I fears no man
But when its time to go
I'm gone
Racin' through the darkness
Learnin' what's right from wrong
Lookin' for the light
But all I see is the night
When everything else is bright
What happened to my life?
Is this what I am?
Is this what I've become?
A nigga that don't give a fuck about nothin and no one
Cold, even though I gotta burnin' desire within my soul
I must set this whole world on fire
If I control my destiny
Maybe one day I'll give this world the best of me
You know why I'm never the one to judge right or wrong
I embraced and showed you love
Then I throw slugs
At the other side
Go get 'em in broad day light
What a nigga would give to live my life
You don't want it
Cause if you could get it you would try
Feel me lord
Ja has arrived

[Chorus x4]

My life...

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