See me standing there, sick and tired of trying.
On a corner you will stop and you will take home.
I want try to escape from. Right now, I'm cought.
I Feel weaken, I cry and close my eyes.
In my self-confidence, but I'll lick my wounds they won't stop bleeding.
I want try to escape from. Right now, I'm cought.

I'll keep myself alive by keeping my heartbeat cold and alone.
I'll keep myself alive by holding on to everything i love.

Cause I'll hold my breath, cause my lungs are filled with love.
Cause I can't stop your desire, let it bleed.
Hear me cry, I beg, I bleed, I pray.
I'll walk into the flames, so strike me deeply.
So strike me deeply and truly.

Just like a slut I'm treated, feels like a bolt straight through my heart.
It's not worth crying a tear for the intentions you have in mind.
Look how pretty I'm cause of your maltreatments.
You suck the love out of my heart.
Wipe the black tears away from my cold eyes.
Take a look at the blood stains on the floor.
Don't take my hand! Don't touch me!

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