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Keys To The Range

Jagged Edge

Do,do,do,do,do,do (What happened to the girl I used to know)x2
you've changed
you're not the girl that used to do things
the way i like it
its a damn shame
cause you was on yo way to the house, the money, the keys to therange

verse 1
so what's the dillio
shorty, won't you tell me so i really know
if you got plans to be with me
why'd you flip the script on me
i need to know that you're the one i can take around the worl
so tell me, tell me, tell me baby why you've changed...

chorus x2

verse 2
i know you're feelin low
i know you're thinkin' bout' the things that you let go
i know you're mad(but i'm)i'm kinda glad cause i took what youhad and you still let it go to wast
baby now i know i'm happy
i lost what i thought was close to me
i should have known that you're not right for me

chorus x2

i can't believe
just how bad i had it
then you turned around and changed the game on me
now that i see you and me aren't working, not working

all i remember was a relationship that was tight and strong
please, i need you to tell me where it all went wrong
now was it my friends or your friends or was ot the fact
that you recieved the jag when you wanted the benz
you think i'm crazy, but i seen hang ups like that
i mean, somethin' made you change up like that
i used to bang out the backs so
no way in hell
and i kept you in the stacks
so i know good and well
you never missed a meal and got everything you dreamed
had me like it's for real
bout' to jump you aring
white 10 carrots and nothing but bling bling
and the right to tell me not to kick the scene
you wanna give that up?
what is it
do i work too much
did the playa just loose his touch
i mean it can't be that , i'm still shootin out things
i thought you was the one
but damn, you've changed

chorus till fade

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Written by: Brandon Casey / Brian Casey / Bryan-Michael Cox. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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