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Just The Way I Do (Di-Rect)


It just started with a beer
To get that feeling right in me
I feel so great
Look at the girls around me
This is the place I want to be
I feel so great
If I loose control than I feel my soul burn

It's just the way I do (4x)

I can talk and talk again
But baby, that's just the way I am
I know myself
Well, I want to take you home
But I'm better off alone
So leave me alone
I'm so lonely inside and I can't hide

It's just the way I do (4x)

So if you all like the way I do
What the f*ck does that mean
You don't know what I do, and you don't care if
I go
Straight out of my head
So do I make myself clear?
It's my life, it's my world, oh yeah!

Sometimes you don't like the way I do
Maybe I won't feel the same about you
But if we try to make our dreams come true
Time is right it's just the way we do

It's just the way I do (4x)

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