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Lightning Could Strike

The Jayhawks

l don't know.
Lightning could strike.l've gotta go.- Yeah. Listen, did l say
something wrong ? No ?
- No.- No. No. lt was--
- Sure ?lt was so right, it scares me.
That's all.Just--You know, l was thinking,
l don't want you to be my doctor.l don't want you to...
examine me and--Why ?Because l like you so much.[ Chuckles ]And l-- l don't want
to examine you.You don't ? Why not ?
- Because l like you so much.
- [ Both Laughing ]Oh, boy. Okay.Now l gotta go, so--- Yep, understood.
- All right. All right.Fair enough. See ya.- Bye. Bye.
- Bye-bye.sorprendido?....

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