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The Man That Got Away

Jeff Buckley

The night is bitter,
the stars have lost their glitter;
the winds grow colder
and suddenly you're older -
and all because of the man that got away.

no more his eager call,
the writing's on the wall;
the dreams you dreamed have all
gone astray.

the man that won you
has gone off and undone you.
that great beginning
has seen the final inning.
don't know what happened. it's all a crazy game!

no more that all-time thrill,
for you've been through the mill -
and never a new love will
be the same.

good riddance, good-bye!
ev'ry trick of his you're on to.
but, fools will be fools -
and where's he gone to?

the road gets rougher,
it's lonelier and tougher.
with hope you burn up -
tomorrow he may turn up.
there's just no letup the live-long night and day!

ever since this world began
there is nothing sadder than
a one-man woman looking for
the man that got away....
the man that got away.

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