We gave you history,
But what about the true story
Hiding your heritage
To keep you into bondage
They stole your culutre
To say you got no future
Destroyed your tradition
To keep you into subjection
And thats the true story

They took the natural living
And gave you articificail living
They took the social living
And turned it into socialism
They took the commune living
And turned in into communisum
They took the capital living
And turned it into capitialism
And thats the true story

My ancestors were kings of old
Half the stories have not been told
They were mighty men and women
My children will be like them
We are the seed of abraham
Descneded from adam
We are the true born israleites
The true born ishmaelites
And thats the true story

Don't you lie
Don't want your hizzim shcism
Your just for the system
Don't want your fo Lucifer
You call it your philosiphy
Don't want your lies buried
You call it your library
We want the true story

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