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Freckles (translation)

Rurouni Kenshin

I brush against the freckles that I hate it so
but life goes on and I heave a little sigh for you
It's heavy, the love that I would share with you
then it dissolves like it was just a sugar cube

Now the little pain sitting in my heart
has shrunk in a bit, but it really doesn't hurt me now
Those silly horoscope signs
Guess I can't trust them after all

If we could get further away (Ooooh...)
I wonder what it would be like...
I'd be so happy
inside my heart

All the memories I have are beautiful in my mind
But they don't feed the hunger deep inside my soul
and tonight I thought I'd be just sitting in my sorrow
and now I must wonder why
What did it really mean to you
I just can't see it anymore
I just can't see it anymore.....

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