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Shaping Space

Kevin Max

And they said we wouldn't last
And they said the years would break our backs
So here we are again my friend
To mystify their narrow plans

You and I were meant to be
Much more than they could see
You and I were meant to stay
As they waste away

We are shaping the space
And harvesting places
We're the princes of the universe
We are living together
In the here-after
In the temple of the evening Son
We're the princes of the universe

It's prophecy of long ago
It's a blueprint for the journey home
And we're writing as we stumble on
Making history to build upon

You and I will always be
Much more than they can see
You and I are made of clay
And we'll waste away


And the raven in the tower clock
Spins poetry and devil talk,
And the woman by the endless well
She's drawing water from the mouth of hell
"And these are the days", she says and


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