I was wandering down the road feeling groovy and hot
I'm not the type to feel like that it's over the top
I can't remember what or when or where it was
I only know that something's got me high as kite

Is it voodoo or shuby-do
Wham-bam or valyucan
Or over the top

So I carried on a strolling going out of my mind
Yes I was wandering dancing free
Cause I was day in the time
I saw the trees and leaves were blowing in the wind
I only know that something was making me a sing


Guess who and guess what all this mystery for
I'm so high in the sky
It's venetians of wine
It's a melting me soon
I'm over the moon
And feeling a bit strange

Now it's getting into evening to the end of the day
When suddenly this chick appeared to toggle my way
I looked at her, she looked at me
And boy she was hot
And then I knew why I was going over the top


It wasn't
It's this chick so hot
I'm over the top
It's this chick so hot
I'm over the top

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