Photo of the artist Mac Miller

XXL Freshmen 2011 Freestyle

Mac Miller

Coming from the city where we rep them Stillers
On be summer months I'm iller than Godzilla
Yeah my skin vanilla, I'm hotter than Chincilla
Hittin' Vegas for the night and cop a villa
Get my lyrics from L, and my sould from J Dilla
Chllin' with the sour cause southern smoke'll kill ya
I'm just me, tryna cover all these magazines
And bitches dressing up for me like it's halloween
A little old school flavour when it's germ on the drums
Thoughts to bullet points like it's words from a gun
I'm spittin fire and it's burning my tongue
Bitches wanna fuck and they heard that I'm young but they still do
I'm a stick around call me mildew
Go an stay in Bel-air like uncle Phil do
Get rich goin' buy me a mansion then get my parents a nice crib in the Hamptons.

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