You're a hard man to reach, willie dynamite!
"i wanna rap"
Go right ahead

Girls ask me for that willie d
That's how i know they feeling me
It's simple see, the pimping be
What got these bitches clipped to me
You maybe at the game, i guarantee you, we in different seats
I seen you in the nosebleeds, but where i'm at, that isn't cheap
In the benz, in a jeep, make a million in a week
Taking off her clothes 'fore i begin to speak like gimme cheeks
Been to london, been to france, go there if you get the chance
Been to amsterdam, hit the club, hell no i didn't dance
Rolled around a little, smoked the weed, seen the red lights
Ain't f-ck a prostitute but the head nice, get right
From here on to the next life, relax and sip that red stripe
The way i spend this money you would think i had an ex-wife
Bitches love the lead pipe, the 'burgh word to ken rice
New place every day, what i would give to just have 10 nights
Yeah right, 'bout to drop an album, hope to blow your mind
Tryna reach a level where no music is put over mine

Girls ask me for that willie d
Girls ask me for that willie d
What does it mean to keep your pimp hand strong?
Live it up cause you don't live that long
Or am i wrong?

It's young macintosh, tell you bout that sabotage
Travelling through germany, word to david hasselhoff
Back and forth, kill 'em softly
Bitches like to f-ck em doggy
Probably off some molly got me turning into polygons
On and on, djs putting on my song
People say i talk too long
Killing every single track, the god is on
They cheering with their pom-poms, buying what i got on
Straight gold, find me f-ckin silver with my long john
Tom tom, direct me to that money please
Where's funds? f-ckin dumb, get your grades
And i know in god we trust, but how much do they trust in me?
Enough to be a f-ckin beast on beats, yeah
Shit is so disgustingly amazing
Bitches out the playpen, you f-ck your hand asking
"how much money can i fit into this rubberband?"
Hustling, throw your ass right inside a garbage can
Excuse my french, that's just how i talk if i was russell brand
Know that i'm the f-cking man
Play my shit for three days

"all i make is hits, call me t-pain!"
Sicker than if she gave me aids, plus some teeth decay
Then she stole my condom, try to auction it on ebay
Talk a little shit man, probably thought he diss me
Bitch please, i just ate out monica lewinsky
Yeah, i've taught her about some
Had her crying about her father
Then i busted in her face while she told me it's an honor
We just politickin, finger-licking on my chicken
Got a way with words, words, words
Word to charles dickens
I wrote this on the shitter using toilet-paper
Put your head inside the water, enjoy the flavor

Yeah bitch, you know how i drive
Don't cut me off man! f-ck you!

(uh) the girls ask me for that willie d
(uh) the girls ask me for that willie d
What does it mean to keep your pimp hand strong?
Live it up cause you don't live that long
Or am i wrong?

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