To be honest, I'm a walking contradiction
I balance family time with drug addiction
To summarize, when the sun dies evil comes alive
Mother mary twerk well, watch her work those thunder thighs
Falling from the sky, sick of all these fucking lies
Do without the morals man, smiles such a dumb disguise
Otherwise we'll worry about your murder at another time
I need to get my dick wet, distractions help me think best

As a kid, I was a big pest
Annoying, and burning ants deserved to get destroyed
These aliens and droids were coming do some abducting
These cunning extraterrestrials turned to maximum decimals
Most impeccable, live amongst the vegetables
Asexual, here to heal the devil's wounds
Speaking so delicate, stench is that of a desolate place
Rid of these testaments, lose your life to the scent of it
End of it, jumping off the tower of babylon

Cremate my body, dump my ashes on the gravel
There's poison in my satchel, a bit of that razzle-dazzle
My journey is to the castle to battle with all the cattle
From the saddle of my horse tied to the tabernacle
Ripping out adam's apple and creation as we know it
Not a poet, I'm a motherfucking psychopath
Who takes ricin baths and wants to chop his wife in half
Woah, I maybe hit her with a tyson jab

I'm infested with the lice and crabs
Party with the kikes and fags
Till I collapse until a pile of ash
Just an angel with a violent past
You, or me, who I'm gonna kill first
Fuck the clubs, see these drugs that's the real thirst
I hope these pills work, hot as demonstealer?

And watch the sinners turn to killers
Okay, my hearse is made of gold, the spirits take control
I paved the road with endangered souls
I'm tormented, my sky's floor-scented
I'm pouring belief, ignore credit
I killed a dentist cause he said he was a doctor
Fucking dentist ain't a doctor

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