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Mommy And Daddy (Unreleased Version)

The Monkees

Ask your mommy and daddy
What happened to the Indian
Ask your mommy and daddy
To tell you where you really came from
Your mommy and daddy
Will probably quickly turn and walk away
Then ask your mommy and daddy
Who really killed JFK

Ask your mommy if she really
Gets off on all her pills
Ask your daddy why doesn't
That soldier care who he kills?
After they've put you to sleep
And tucked you safely down in your bed
Whisper mommy and daddy
Would it matter if the bullet went through my head?

If it was my blood spilling on the kitchen floor,
If it was my blood, mommy, would you care a little more?
Don't be surprised when they turn and start to cry
And tell your mommy and daddy
Tell your mommy and daddy
Scream it to your mommy and daddy,
They're living in a lie, lie, lie
It's all a lie, it's all a lie, lie, lie...

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