Nice to Be Here Hope You Agree
Lying in the Sun
Lovely Weather Must Climb a Tree
The Show Has Just Begun

All the Leaves Start Swaying
To the Breeze That's Playing
On a Thousand Violins
And the Bees Are Humming
To a Frog Sat Strumming
On a Guitar With Only One String.

I Can See Them They Can't See Me
I Feel Out of Sight.
I Can See Them They Can't See Me
Much to My Delight.

And It Seems Worth Noting
Water Rats Were Boating
As a Lark Began to Sing
And Sounds Kept Coming
With Jack Rabbit Loudly Strumming
On the Side of a Biscuit Tin


Silver Minnows Were Devising
Water Ballet So Surprising
A Mouse Played a Daffodil
A Mole Came Up Blinking
Underneath An Owl Who's Thinking
How He Came to Be Sat On a Hill


I Know You Won't Believe Me
But I'm Certain That I Did See
A Mouse Playing Daffodil
All the Band Was Really Jumping
With Jack Rabbit in There Thumping
I Found That I Couldn't Sit Still
I Just Had to Make It With Them
Cause They Play My Kind of Rhythm
And the Bees Hummed in Harmony
And the Owl Played Is Oboe
Then the Frogs Guitar Solo
It Was All Too Much For Me

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