So vile men's torment was truly a pleasure
A plain that would change mankind for ever more

Catherine black slept fitfully in the
Summer night. In the heat
She murmured gently and moved smoothly
This way and that. Oh, the beauty
Her luscious eyes, delicate fingers
Clawed at her sodden bed
Catherine smiled. Took a fabulous breath
Of summer air and tasted death

Die Erorians' visit had been successful rewarding
With night of female screams of whimpers
Lustful dreams
Night followed rampant night of
Delicate soft gasps
The ultimate attack on heaven and it's glories
Seduce them as they slept, oblivious to
Their midnight tryst
The seed of doom was planted
Phantom raped in their dreams
The sad ones take their own lives
Slay their men night after night

Catherine black dreamt of a horror
Of passion too and of terror
Over her silent breast, shadows swept
Shades caressed

Motherhood was destroyed by the seed
And laid to waste
A great rift was born. Men and the
World were torn
The daggers went in deep, vile and sickening
Women swept awat all infancy from their wombs
And still the lord God remained silent
No utterance, no movement, no tears
The earth became red
The cutting machines of man
Disgust and hatred for the lives of woman
The butchery, the savagery,did spill
Unto themselves
A chorus of agony from heaven and rain poured
In a colossus of angels tears
The creature of all sins. The lord of the
Bleakest abode
Did wonder at the silence
What did the almighty know?
All hell did fill with the screaming souls
Of dead men
The mighty army of God did stand and wait
Hoping our lord would unleash them all
The great fiery pit. Hordes ripped apart
Chaos ensued, screaming from the dark
Observing his darkened child, in the miserable
Corners of earth
The great heart of God will heal up the earth
The lord watched as his beloved slipped silently
Back into the darkness below

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