You can't put me down
However hard you try!
You know I think you're not that thick!
That's too much to handle, I've had enough!

You want me to be like all the others
No,no, you, old pig!
You can't see I'm not the same
Get out, you full of crap!

I won't have it any longer:
Girls are the Sexy Sadies
They are mothers of the scum
And cats have got sharp claws

I won't wash your smelly socks, pants, t-shirts
Don't touch me
I'm sick and tired of your pox, locks and Gonococcs.......

I won't give you any kids, for your amusement
Better if you give me power comb and lipstick
Then I'll walk with Frau Holle on the streets
In a word: You make me puke

I am not your fuck machine
Jab, jab - that's a laugh!
Darlin', I've gotta get out
Ciao Ciao you old pig!

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