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Nina Hagen

Once upon a time
When Jesus was walking down his way on earth
He met this man who was possessed by a demon
And Jesus asked the man :
Why do you speak so funny
Why do you behave like that
And the man said
Why Jesus ? because I am possessed by a demon
God ! Jesus said,
And the demon went down into the pig,
And the pig was running away screaming.
And the man was free
Do you see if you only could believe, Jesus said
Everything is possible for those who believe.

The real bukashkim is our neighbour,
his face is grey as prawda-paper,
but like ballons of blue or red,
brite antiworlds float over his head,

the black hole of Einstein
is a real thing
but without the real roots
it´s an abstracting
Anti-bukashkim, the academican,
lopped in the army of Lollobridgidas


black hole, black magic
all so tragic....
antifantastic, an antihell
glorious bible, dynamic message,
it´s like to clean an antimess

devil´s paradise is antireligious,
anti-bukashkim is not into it
he´s a scientist a realbeliever
in antiworld and antimeanings

Neiget eure Ohren her, kommt her zu mir
Hoeret zu wird eure Seele leben
Denn ich will mit euch einen ewigen Bund machen

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