This is your one chance at my one thing
So take it all back now

Gonna take this back my one thing
You hear what you want i hear you, i can feel your cut
It's coming, do you want to fuel my one thing, god
Blind these eyes please see my mind, and i take it
Down cause its gonna be my thing, take this back

This thing, my thing, one thing, take it all back from

I'll do what you want you scare me, and you puch my
Back cause you know my one thing, i can feel you now
My thinking, take this back my evil one thing, take
This back

This thing, my thing, one thing, take it all back from

You see in me, what i have left for you, you see in
Me, why you think i left this for you, you see in me,
Now that its' over, you see in me

And the farmer says to his garden, your gonna die
Soong, and the doctor says to his patient, your gonna
Die soon, and the leader says to his nation, your
Gonna die soon, and the god says to his creation, your
Gonna die now

Why cant you try to take this one thing, my thing take
It and, i cant stick these hands up well, i can be

Why me got me something, i can't fuck this shit my one
Thing, my one thing

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Written by: Bill Gaal / Chris Houck / Matt Holt / Nothingface / Tom Maxwell. Isn't this right? Let us know.