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In the distance I hear a cryin' out
A choir of voices singing
Oh, you've done it now to satisfy the crowd

In a sleight of hand and a burst of light
I walk you through your motions
And you will rise tonight over the fires high

If you fall into their arms you lose
Everything is coming unglued
And the hardest part's in front of you
Out of your hands giving up to

They're closing in on every other side
They're closing in on every other side

Draw the curtains tight, lock up in a room
In a lonely fit of certainty they're onto you
Not any sudden moves

Don't remember when they were all right
In your tunnel vision, one solution crept up
You're holding out for love

But the cards close up before you move
You're adamant it's your time
Make a fuss with nothing to lose

And your eyes lock in to see it through
Your head in the mouth of a lion
Your knees giving in under you

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