I learn to walk
I learn to walk
I jump the lines
And count the clocks
I chase the trucks
I chase the trucks
If I can’t make the next light
First my heart will stop
My heart stops
And I’ll do it to survive
Not fast enough oh

Everything’s gonna be alright
Tears will stop, we will dry the night
You got strong hands - spinning mind
But I
Doubt my legs, doubt my legs
They’re on the edge
But I don’t want to fight the fear again
I keep hanging on, on to the wind
And hope I’ll never blow away

Doubt my legs, doubt my legs
Onto the ice
I didn’t ever mean to break your high
So I keep standing on
Onto the flakes
And hope I’ll never let it melt away

I kill the sound
I kill the sound
If I can hear a single pin drop, be alarmed
I’ll be alarmed
My skin is tingling like electric firearms
I’m undermined
I think you understand the pressure that I fight oh
Again, again, again

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