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Happy When I'm Crying

Pearl Jam

Ei per noi un piacere augurarvi insieme [it is a pleasure for us
To wish you, together]
Ai r.e.m. Un buon cetriolo [with r.e.m., a merry christmas]

I need a song to help along
When it feels wrong it seems so long
To get to the light

We live in homes talk on phones
Hear the tones can you hold
Moving fast as light TV's on at night

Does peace come out of fighting
Can truths come out of lying
I'm happy when I'm crying

If reality is what I see newspapers mag-azines TV
Tell's what's going on leading us along
It's not absurd to all get heard
Put our feelings into words
You have to reach inside no feelings to hide

Does peace from out of fighting
Can truth come out of lying
I'm happy when I'm crying

Bring children into the world
We couldn't have done it by ourselves
Stop and wonder why
There's more than meets the eye

Somewhere inside I did believe
I can't belong I was wrong
I have gained insight
I will see the light

Truth isn't lying
Peace isn't fighting
Love isn't dying

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