Watch for the silent moment, only waiting to be saved.
Wait for the Liemaker: he comes again
and sinks his barbs through honesty:
roll him over with all possible speed!
Don't let him touch you with the candle of his need
or let him be, hysterically ravaging your grave.
You are emotion picture, re-run at single frame.
You are the instant playback, no chance for change:
smile and smile, living diary!
Roll you over before it's too late;
before you're exposed to the monochrome phase
which can relate only fear and hate through the haze.

I am the automated arrow, homing on the heat of pain;
I am the is so strange,
I feed on grief and grieve through joy.
So roll me over and turn aside;
don't let me look into the mirror of your eyes
for fear that I may steal the life
you gladly give.

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