Summer Song (In the Autumn)

Peter Hammill

Summer song in the autumn, for you didn't catch
the colour of the falling leaves.
So many words have been spoken which you
didn't understand and so couldn't believe.
And the song that you're humming is yesterday's tune -
Someone who you love is leaving you.
You're walking in sunshine by the sea with gulls crying overhead;
but now the skies are cloudy, and the love you had is dead.
And the water recedes from the farthest dunes -
Someone who you loved is leaving you.

You remember the happiness you had
as you laughed along in the sun
but now your eyes are coming dull,
there's a numbness on your tongue....

You look out at the water which is calling you
over the wind,
then you throw aside your handbag and slowly
walk right in.
And tomorrow you'll be in yesterday's news:
someone who you loved has left you.

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