The sign on the side of the trailer said
Your past revealed and revisited
With a new age medium as your guide
So I pulled out a twenty and I went inside

Through hanging beads down a darkened hall
To a little room with a crystal ball
She said how far back do you wanna go
I said just about a year or so

When I did not lay awake all night
When everything that's gone now was still going right
Before I got this urge to travel back in time
When her love was mine
When her love her sweet love was mine

She said boy this ball don't work like that
I can't slow the thing down when it's going back
I see you now in an ancient life
You were an Aztec king with seven wives

Then she read my palm and the tarot cards
Made a diagram of the moon and stars
But when she mentioned some future love
I said tell me bout the man I was

When I did not lay awake all night...
Oh when her love her sweet love was mine yeah

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