How to stop the murdering?
By now we should have learned
If we don’t then we’re sham
Bad overwhelms the good

What I’ve seen, yes
It’s changed how I see humankind
I used to think progress was being made
That we could get something right

When we first got to the camp
Our supplies were not enough
I saw a displaced family eating a cold horse’s hoof

We set up tents, brought in water
Air drops were dispersed
I saw people kill each other just to get there first

What we did? Why we did it?
I make no excuse, we got things wrong
But we also did some good

I believe we have a future to do something good

Enough is enough
A line in the sand
Seven or eight thousand
Killed by hand

They stepped off the edge
They did not step back
If we haven’t learnt by now
Then we’re a sham

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