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I got your e-mail
Disgruntled female
Every detail
Before my eyes

So I responded
I think we bonded
We corresponded
And watched the sunrise

Then you came through the screen and you taught me the meaning ofhappiness
And the words that you write came and filled up my night withyour tenderness
And if you're ever so inclined
Here's where you can find me

www. I won't believe it
www. until I read it
My heart is tied up in a knot
You know it's true
You made it clear to me
Described your fear to me
Of getting near to me
And risking our friendship

I stayed up all night
Construction web-site
Just click on our fight
And watch me crying

'Cause you said you were scared and should probably stick to theInternet
And it hurts because deep down inside I believe we are more thanfriends
And if you ever change your mind
Here's where you can find me

Regarding the way we are together
Regarding the way we both should be
Regardless of time or space or weather
A part of you lives inside of me
So if you ever change your mind
You know where you can find me


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