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Rydas Don't Dance

Psychopathic Rydas

This is Bullit with my Ryda dog Full Clip and we be ridin and ridin and ridin and check this out, we don't, oh shit here comes Sweet Daddy Coconut…

(Sweet Daddy Coconut)
When I walk up in the club I be havin' the muthafuckin' 2 liter in my waste muthafuckas be mean mugging me throwin' they little 50 dollar down for they cup of __ and what not. Hey man hey look here playa you ain't even tryin' to see a muthafuckin' Ryda cause I'll pull out the muthafuckin' heat and make all yall boogie

(Full Clip)
Had my pants button down sequence shirts
Cabbage patchin makin yo body twirk
It's all good when Full Clip steps out on the floor
Pull out the __ runnin for the door
I love 10 the hot box are flyin
Every rouge cutta in this bitch is dyin
And once I stretch out all the sonic old fags
I hold down the bar huntin' for nedens to tag
Every club no the Rydas be true thugs
Red carpet burners turn into ??? hug
Security gimmie dap the second I walk in
Drinks on the house Remy Coke and Hen
Muthafuckas got feel for me, no love
That's why I be wearin house shoes up in the club
Bitch I don't dance but if you wanna boogie
I'll a hot thrill in your ass MOTHA FUCKA

(Big Daddy Coconut)
You see that sparklin' bitch, that's me muthafuckin' watch on wrist diamonds on muthafuckin' pinkies muthafuckin' Mink to the flo, you better check this here playa

(Cell Block)
OK a Ryda don't dance a killa don't talk
Get stupid in the club leave em lined in chalk
And stretch out with a couple holes in ya body
Ask anyone of my niggas we all rowdy
Get rowdy at the drop of a dime
Dancing for suckas real niggas ain't got time
For you hip hop bitches dance all night long
Know who you are and this is your fuckin' song
While you at a club thinking you're a pimp
I'm at home with your woman slingin' dick to your bitch

I don't dance fuck dancin' I'll make you dance
I'll blow your feet out the bottom of your pants
Leave the jiggy shit to Will Smith and Dru Hill
Cause if I come up in the club blood gone spill
Disco lights faggots like in boogie nights
And little pussy whipped pussies get in fist fights
I'll run up in that muthafucka one time
And have everybody wishin' they was at Columbine
Sike… silk shirt with finesse
And now you got you blood all over your bitches dress

(Big Daddy Coconut)
As soon as I seen her from a far she had Carmel skin with green eyes and a skirt that was huggin' ever inch of her hour glass figure, you no I had to dip

(Lil' Shank)
Pimpin' like a nigga out of control
Watchin' booties jiggle like a Jell-O mold
I step to her and she act real cold
She asked did I wanna step to the dance floor
I said that I been known to boogie
But I never get my dance on
I said that I been known to boogie
But I never get my dance on
Now bitch do you wanna get down cause I aint got the time
To play like R Kelly and try to bump and grind
We can leave this here club and do it right quick
You can slide me some pussy and I can shoot you this dick

(Big Daddy Coconut)
So basically how the night ended up I was sittin' up under some silk sheets with this muthafuckin' Carmel little bitch that I met around the way, suppose she has drank a couple bottles of crissie, and smoked a couple ounces of my finest shit, and I did it doggy style and kicked that bitch to the curb, now its about 2:30AM and I'm on way up to 7 Eleven to get me a muthafuckin' sixer. Cause I'ma Ryda bitch and the muthafuckin' night don't end, you see these black truck wheels just spinnin off in the mother fuckin moonlight bitch you better have some friends, and as the sun rise in the morning I wake up to pimp again hoe, so all you bitches with no panties, get ready for the Rydas. Cause when you see a muthafucka walkin' in with crocodile on his muthafuckin' feet, and he might have the matchin' muthafuckin' belt, and maybe he got a little silk suit on or some shit, you better recognize a mutherfuckin' playa bitch. Cause we don't walk up in this muthafucka like a chump ass square. We come in this muthafucka shinin' with our muthafuckin' nose in the air bitch. You get the muthafuckin' privilege to talk to a pimp, bitch you better respect that shit you better shut the fuck and no what the fuck your dealin' with here, cause Rydas are a muthafuckin dime a dozen bitch, you don't see a Ryda around every corner, you don't see a pimp around every corner, so when you get the privilege to talk to a Ryda you better shut the fuck up and understand what its like to understand a pimp. Understand what I'm sayin' bitch? See the game is not mean to be muthafuckin' told, it's to be sold. So I really don't understand why I'm sittin' here wastin' my time education the rest of yall muthafuckas on this here Rydas shit, on this here pimp shit, on how the fuck we do it bitch.

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