We ask you to follow the instructions below to make the collection as organized as possible:

General rules

1Send the lyrics written and formatted correctly, like this one, without spelling mistakes, tabs or other messages that are not part of the lyrics;

2Check if the lyrics are really from the artist and if they match the song (you can find information on the artist's official website or social media);

3We do not research the total perfection of the lyrics, it is earned through the good faith and corrections sent by the site users;

4All of the song names must follow the standard of using capital letters at the beginning of each word: "Nothing Else Matters";

5When the song has more than one writer, make sure their names are separated with a forward slash. For example: "Bruno Mars / Philip Lawrence";

6If you know the names of the ones responsible for the composition of a song, you can send us the information via the option "Do you know who is the songwriter? Send us their name.", on the lyrics page;

7The contributions may take up to 2 business days to be published on the website;

8The contributions published on the website may contain mistakes. Any user can submit a correction when a mistake is found and they know the correct information;

9Do not submit racist and/or derogatory songs, and/or songs that engage in any kind of discrimination or that violates any Brazilian law.

Specific rules for translations

1Only English translations will be published;

2You must not send lyrics translated "word for word", nor translated by an automatic translation tool.