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Everytime I Cry

Richie Campbell

Let me sing it again,
Richie talking again.

Everytime I cry for my baby,
She never comes back
Girl I miss your smile and your body,
My head it's gone off track
Everytime I cry for my baby
She always makes me hurt
For all the wrong I've done to you lady
Give me one more effort

And I've been through everything to be with you,
So you must know I love you.
I only need to make you know, up a mountain I will go
For me to through
And everytime I'm lonely in my bed I will scream aloud,
That I need you around, yes I do.
I need you around


And I will be your man,
So baby dont leave me
Please just give me one more chance
Oh yeah, 'cause i don't want to stand alone,
Me can't imagine another queen sitting pon your throne
So mek me tell you again don't get away girl.


But im never, never. Never gonna let you go.