Went to a dance one night
And the beautiful music was playing
And through the dim blue light
I could just see the silhouette swaying.

Then all at once the room was aglow
And through the couples I could see
A pair of angel eyes and I was hypnotised
They were looking straight at me.

They played a ladies choice
And I could feel my heart beating madly
For any moment she'd ask me to dance
And I would say gladly.

Then someone said would you care to dance?
I turned around when I heard her voice
But it was someone else, oh how sad I felt
For I was the wrong ladies choice.

And when the song was through
She was alone and I caught her eye
I had to make my play before
She'd dance with some other guy.

So as the music played
She laid her sweet head on my shoulder
And she could see the love that I felt
As though I had told her.

Was someone waiting to take her home?
I wondered who would the luck boy be?
And when the dance was through, all the world was new
For the ladies choice was me.

Yeah, the ladies choice was me.
Mmm, the ladies choice was me...

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