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It Don't Matter to the Sun

Rosie Thomas

It don't matter to the sun if you go or if you stay.
No, the sun is gonna rise, gonna rise.
Shine down on another day.
There will be tomorrow even if you choose to leave.
Cause it don't matter to the sun, no, no.
It matters to me.

It ain't gonna stop the world if you walk out that door.
This old world just keeps spinning round, spinning round.
Like it did the day before.
Cause to them it makes no difference.
It just keeps on keeping time.
Cause it ain't gonna stop the world, no.
But it'll be the end of mine.

So, what can I say? What can I do?
I'm still in love. Why aren't you?

Cause it don't matter to the moon if you're not in my life.
No, the moon will just keep hanging round, hanging round.
Like its just another night.
Who find another place to shine
On some other lover's dreams.
Cause it don't matter to the moon no, no.
It matters to me.

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Written by: Gordon Kennedy / Gérard Jouannest / Wayne Kirkpatrick · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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