Wheel of fortune spinning around the flashing Lights, get up lady, come on

down, the price is Right.
Get onto Oprah Winfrey, tell the world
About your life, about your life.
Will anybody Listen?
Smile like a fool, the candid camera's on.
living eyes of an invading world are never
Gonna be gone.
The light is growing oh so dull
Where it once brightly shone in your eyes,
In everybody';s eyes and there's nothing, you will find `cause I'm leaving

nothing behind.
I can tell you Woody Allen still loves
Annie Hall and everybody wants to take a look into the glowing crystal

and I can tell you that the next blast will be the biggest one of them all

when it comes and it's gonna come.
But there is nothing you will find,
`cause I';m leaving nothing behind when i go.
When I go.
Fill your cup with love.
Taste the bitter taste.
make sure you're looking so good and you've got a beautiful face,
It's all about saving yourself and hiding your disgrace,
there's nothing you will find,
`cause I'm not leaving anything behind
I can tell you
Now there's nothing here you'll find when I Go, when I go I'm gonna go

someday someplace far
Away where no one can find me and I can hide, yeah
When I go when I go.

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