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The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes And The Pride Of Life

Smalltown Poets

Well I feel like I have to feel
Something good all of the time
With most of life I cannot deal
But a good feeling I can feel
Even though it may not be real
And if a person, place, or thing can deliver
I will quiver with delight
Will it last me for all my life
Or just one more lonely night

The lust, the flesh, the eyes, and the pride of life
Drain the life right out of me

Well I see something and
I want it, bam, right now, no questions asked
Don't worry how much it cost me
Now or later I want it want it, babe, and I want it now
I'll go to any length
Sacrifice all I already have, and all that I might get
Just to get something more that I don't need
And Lord please don't ask me what for


Can I look when folks look right at me
and what I'm doing or have done
And lay it on about how groovy I am
And that I'm looking grand
And every single word makes me think
I'll live forever and ever
Knowing that they probably won't remember
What they said tomorrow
Tomorrow I could be dead


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