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  • Everything Is An Illusion
  • Where The End Begins
  • There Are Scars In The Evening Sky
  • The Broken & Shattered Moon
  • I Cannot Go Back To The Way I Was
  • In The Company Of Beasts
  • When You Love A Man
  • Through The Forest Wondrously
  • By The Waters Of Forgetfulness
  • Ein Freundlich’ Wort Einst Unverhofft
  • I Am Done With Men
  • Sometimes You Make Me Smile
  • At Sunset Through The Fields Aflame
  • In The Old House (We Made Out Well)
  • Light In The Attic
  • If I Could Go Back In Time
  • I Am So Glad It's Over
  • Let Me Say It Now
  • Through Your Eyes
Record Label: Apocalyptic Vision Records
The Spiral Sacrifice