Hey what's you favorite thing in the whole world?
Fantastic! Now you tell me how much do you love me?

Oh about this much, mmm, heavy
Who's your baby
Who's the one you love
You're the only one for me
Who's your baby
Who's you dreamin' of

You're the only one my eyes can see
An' let me say in ev'ry way you're dynamite
do you know how good you really are
Please don't let her stray away
I pray each night
Can't stop now, it's been so good so far
Upon opening your eyes when mornin' comes
What's the first thing on your mind
If you had enough
Hey would you give me some
And would a thank you to you do you
Who's your baby in the morning
Who's your baby at night
Who do you want when you want
Somebody to come and hold you

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