In my own way, i'm a believer.
In my own way, right or wrong.
I don't talk too much about it.
It's something i keep workin' on.
I don't have too much to build on,
My faith has never been that strong.

There is a man there in that buildin'.
He's a holy man, they say.
He keeps talkin' about tomorrow,
While i keep strugglin' with today.
He preaches hellfire and brimstone,
And heaven seems so far away.

I do believe in a higher power.
One that loves us, one and all.
Not someone to solve my problems,
Or to catch me when i fall.

He gave us all a mind to think with.
And to know what's right or wrong.
He is that inner spirit,
That keeps us strong.

In my own way, i'm a believer.
But not in voices i can't hear.
I believe in a lovin' father.
One i never have to fear,
That i should live life at its fullest,
Just as long as i am here.

Mmm-mmm, mmm-mm.

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