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The Mist

Perhaps i´m bat out of hell
a soul with no ligth, searching for a sell
the creature god really wanted to forget
a forgotten soldier without wars
Look at my face
Dýa think god made me resembling him at all
no! say no
my gods called man
My lonely arms embrace the fields
the fields, sweet purgatory
i´m the owner oh the fields
were men have planted loneliness
The scarecrow
i´m the scarecrow
fucking the scarecrow
a lost soul, imprisioned in a fake body
i´m the scarecrow
no coward lion on my way
i´m the scarecrow
no girl called dorothy and no tin man
and fuck damy yellow brick road for me to take
i,m the scarecrow
i´ve got no pain, i´ve got no god
i´m the thing that makes a kid
cover his face with the hands
in the hole were my eyes wold be
in its botton lies a lith
if you look closely
i´ll be in you and you and you´ll be in me
alone, imprisioned
alone, imprisioned
alone, i´me the owner oh these fields