This crappy West Coast hippie scene
Is becoming quite a drag
It seems that all my freaky clothes
Are turning into rag
The time has come to break the strings
Free to form constructive things
Tear the world right off the hinges


Vote for me - Vote for me
Sign across the line
Vote for me - Vote for me
We can overtake the world

You voice opinions in this place
Where views are never heard
They take precautions just in case
You say a dirty word
With adverse comments they promote
Pre-election antidote
Just to gain the casting voter


Take up your pen you won't regret it
You never met such an opportunity
For the people who are in the way
Make a new election day

Please correct me if I seem to be making too much noise
In this profession people rush to cut you down to size
So after all the scenes are played
Dig my grave with a golden spade
There's a fortune to be paid.

Chorus (repeat)

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