vistas 40

seventy days to cross the ocean
seventy nights where no one's gonna hear me fall
Freddie Mercury, i've sometimes wished
i'd never been born at all (that's right)

i remain unphotographed, yeah
i don't exaggerate my intelligence
i might turn a broom into a tree
but i'll never be one of them (that's right)

i fly-y-y-y-y-y
cause there's no why in getting beaten up by
a guy-y-y-y-y-y
who cries before he fights

i don't want them to see me like this
the way they like to kick people when they're down
you said, 'please stop worrying about this'
'they stop kicking once you're down' (that's right)

there's Mistaken Point, Newfoundland
there's Moonbeam Ontari-ari-o
there are places i've never been
and always wanted to go (that's right)

cause woe betide a guy who just lives to fight
love is to try die trying

fly-y-y, yeah that's right
fly-y-y-y, yeah that's right
love is to try die trying

coastline rising out of the ocean
coastline rises like a pair of glowing thighs
there's something down deep inside me says
where you been all my life

turn your back, get your face in the sky
love is to try die trying
left and right, across your mind
love is to try and die trying