Photo of the artist Tori Kelly

Until I Think Of You

Tori Kelly

Some days I wake up wishing I hadn't
Just leaving the house is hard to do
Clouds make the sunshine hard to imagine
When you feel you're only bound to lose

Some nights I can't sleep
I'm trapped in these sheets
It hurts no matter what I do

I'm lost and all alone
Until I think of you

When I'm sinking deeper, soaked in a sadness
When emptiness is hard to hide
Each step I take brings me closer to madness
But they all think I'm doing fine

I can't find my way
I need saving grace
It hurts no matter what I do

I'm lost without a hope
Until I think of you

My strength (my strength)
My God (my God)
My love (my love)
My life (ah)
You're all (ah)
I need to get me through the darkest night (ooh)
My peace (my peace)
Of mind (of mind)
'Cause I know you'll never leave my side (ooh)

Broken and confused
Nothing left to lose
Oh, I just feel like there's no use

I'm sure it's over now
Until I think of you

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