I can't remember a time
When you weren't there
To dry the tears from my eyes
Yes you always cared

And I do believe
That you were sent from heaven above
Because you taught me about love
I feel you up there somewhere
Someone watching over me

You gave me joy
You eased my pain
You showed me how to love again
And I thank you cause you always knew you'd be
Watching over me
Halleluha..You came my way
Halleluha..For your Birthday
Halleluha..Now I see
Your watching over me

I hear your voice in the wind
When I'm needing a friend
The autumn leaves in the breeze
Bring a love that you send

And I do believe that
You are dancin' dancing on clouds
I hear you laughing
Laughing out loud
And I know you're up there somewhere
Someone watching over me

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Written by: Andy Panda / Tony Coluccio / Tony Moran. Isn't this right? Let us know.