Photo of the artist Warner Mack

Sittin' On a Rock (cryin' In a Creek)

Warner Mack

Sittin' on a rock cryin' in a creek watchin' all my tears flow away
Well I can drown my tears in that ragin' ol' water but I can't run you in every way

There hadn't been a day since I don't know when my mind had been on you
And these little hurts're gettin' bigger inspite of everything I do
Your old love letters are sittin' on a stock your picture a hangin' from a tree
Everything that reminds me of you well I've got it right here with me
Sittin' on a rock...
[ steel ]
Well I wish I have the troubles of that old fish I just seem swimmin' by
I'm starin' up here at the blood ol' river but I couldn't even tell goodbye
And every time your name is read my eyes get blury and red
And it ain't long till I'm hidin' from the world and right back where I'm at
Sittin' on a rock...

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