Family In The Woods


The stepson of the engineer
That drove the train you rode
Sold the railroad company
And the debt that you owed

And so now the new management
Comes a-knockin' at your door
It's pay up or eviction
There's no mercy anymore

Hey, hey
Who will remember me when I'm gone?

It ain't about how much you know
Or how long you been known
It's do you know the folks in charge
And how much do you own

It's bucks and bloody knuckles
It's contracts cut in steel
It's clauses sharp and pointed
And who's behind the wheel

So tell me that old story
Of the family in the woods
Momma cooked the crawdad
And Daddy traded goods

Tell me how when their boy died
They yelled and cried and prayed
Tell me how this very day
There's flowers on his grave

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