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There's Nothing Is This World I Wouldn't Do

Keke Wyatt

I can picture us in the living room by the mantle piece
And you're telling me you're loving me
With your hand on my thighs
While I'm staring in your brown eyes
And the expression on your face
Is telling me you want my better taste
So tonight we're going all the way
We'll be lovin' till the break of day

There's nothing in this world that I wouldn't do for you boy
I don't care what the others say
Now that I got you babe
No one can bring me joy
Like you would
All the little things you do
It's all about you

I can picture
Us running in the rain
After a movie then we spark a flame
Oh, I love it when you scream my name
Going sixty in a thirty lane
We pull over to the parking lot
In the park that's my favorite spot
Doing just about anything
We'll be going till the birds sing


I think about time that I make you mine

What you sayin to me boy come on break it down

To find another like you will be a lifetime

I think I see where you're goin' baby
Let it out, Let it out

Listen to me baby got somethin to say

Is it really what I think don't take all day

Forever is what I want to give to you
So what do u say

Baby I do


To find another like you will take a lifetime

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