Sleepless Nights

X- Press 2

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My Friend I Don't Know Much About
Real Love - the Kind Of
Love That Gives and Lasts Forever and Ever.
But I Know (Some) One Who Gives It So
Free and He
Fills Me Up; His Well Is Endlessly Deep.

My Friend, I Have Heard That You're Tryin' to Win.
Try no More He Loves You As You Are.
Do Not Fear He Helps You After You
Ask Him - (To) Come In.
Believe Me; He's Been Right Where You Are.

(You're) Not Too Bad For Him;
(He) Wants to Take You In.

Hope, and Peace of Mind,
Love and Joy Are Within Sight.
Now, My Candle's Bright -
I'm So On Fire I Have Sleepless Nights.