Serpent angel rape me
Serpent venon in me

O euphoria, our goddess you are
Take the burden away to live in this hell
Say goodbye to the dreams, destroyed fantasies
Bitter nightfall at hand, will cover the land

Forces come - silent
Cross your mind - blinding
Anaesthesize - senses
Steal them all away

Caress you - grievous
Infest you - with lust
Ending soon - chaos
Servant life is waiting

Consume the drugs we sell to you
Keep you begging for more
And soon you will forget
The world you were longing for

Childish dreams - sinful
I have seen - passion
Fearlessly - chainless
All this hope is forever lost

O euphoria...
Neverworld's end

We sell you a false dreams for your own
So we can control your fantasies
There's no hideaway this world is ours
Give in to our plastic paradise

Endlessly travelling the plains of my dream
Slowly it's fading in my memory

O euphoria - sweet lies that you are
Let the child fade away, just memories stay
O chimaria, predacious heart
Take our souls with you, forever repent
Neverworld's end

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