I wanna spend my whole life with you
There's nothing else better than being with you
I wanna spend my whole life, my whole life with you

Do you remember all those precious times
We shared back in the past
No one knew about the things we did
Out in the grass
We're older now
And we both need companionship
So let's stop these games
And get on with our relationship

Ain't no second guessin' about
The way I feel when I'm with you
It makes me feel so real
Ain't no living without you
'Cause you're all the man I need
And I want you just for me

Why is it when I say I love you
You shy away from me
When lovin's all I wanna do?
Even though we've never been
More than just friends
There's no reason
We should have to let our feelings end

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Written by: Melissa Etheridge / Organized Noize. Isn't this right? Let us know.